Better than you found it!

An organization grass roots based, started from the ground.  When you stop some where, anywhere, did you notice the rubbish or recyclable item you just saw.  Doesn't it bother you that  it wound up disrupting the beauty all around.  This site challenges you to collect "At least one piece!"  Can you bring one or more item from where you stopped.  The side of the road, the mountian top, the rest area, etc, etc, etc...  This organization takes the "Leave no trace" concept a level up.  It is so important to pack out what you have packed in!  But what about all the other things you saw and chose to leave?  The pop bottle lid, the plastic piece, leftover twine the small things you could have packed out.  This organization challenges you to pack out  "At least one piece!" of something you saw and were able to remove.  This way someone on a bicycle can pick up a bottle cap while a person in a car can pick up something much larger like an abandoned tire.  The goal is to create a movement that will Inspire EVERYONE to be involved in the collective blessing that we live on called Mother Earth.

The site is set up as a forum site.  Where you can post where you went and what you recovered.  How you re-purposed what you found or recycled it or just plain put rubbish in it's place.  You can find the forum site here.

You can alternately send a quick message to the home base here in this contact form.